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Or, Why The Stormy Daniels / David Dennison Saga Really Matters: She May Do What All Those 2016 G.O.P. Candidates Could Not…

by Bob Yunger

Stormy Daniels sure is good at what she does. She only had to have sex with him one time, and after she got her hooks into him she never let go. What a pro! You’ve gotta admire her for the dedicated professional she is: only fucks Donald Trump ONE TIME in a hotel room and now, like a chump, TWELVE YEARS LATER HE’S STILL PAYING FOR IT! Ha. Ha ha. Nice work, Stormy Daniels, niiiiiiice werrrrrk.

With all the criticism the adult entertainment industry has to put up with on a regular basis, it’s really amazing. Today it’s still the ultimate tenderloin district for law enforcement due to the fact that so many of the people in it are young and naive and have something to hide. The ones who survive and carry on for a number of years have to develop real skills to deal with the constant parade of nonsense.

Stormy Daniels reportedly began her career in the stripper business at the age of 17 in her native city of Baton Rouge. So by the time she met Donald Trump she had been working the traps for ten years, AND she was starring in porn films by then. She was a veteran who had seen it all. She’d heard it all too, from every pathetic loser with an “I’ll make you a star” story and walked into the club thinking he’d find a dumb blonde to suck his dick on the false hope that he’d be The One to save her and whisk her away from this life.

Well Stormy liked her chosen life and she saw right through this rich guy’s bullshit I’LL PUT YOU ON MY TV SHOW lies. When he backed out as expected that was okay. She had a fallback plan, one that would turn her personal Donald Trump experience into a payout for her. No amount of shaming would turn her back, because, as they said about her in print, ‘shame isn’t especially useful to a porn star’.

So finally Donald Trump, after a career as a philandering shark, one ripping off contractors and investors left and right with his fast talking salesman spiel, it may be a woman who takes him down after all. A woman who is just as ruthless and without pity as he is. A true top-of-the-food-chain apex predator.


Below is a younger pre-breast augmentation Stormy Daniels. While her boobs may not be big here the same can’t be said about her pupils. lol

Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.

Stormy Daniels in what is said to be her graduation photos. According to reports, at 18 she was already stripping since the previous year.

Beer Review: Interlude 2018 from Allagash Brewing Company

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Comedy at Crickets (video)

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Stormy For President 2020

Working Her Mark Like A Pro

Shark, meet prey.

Stormy Daniels and friend.

Stormy Daniels and friend.

By Bob Yunger

Stormy Daniels sure is good at what she does: only had to have sex with him one time and after she got her hooks into him she never let go. What a pro! You’ve gotta admire her for the dedicated professional she is. Only fucks him ONE TIME in a hotel room and now like a chump TWELVE YEARS LATER HE’S STILL PAYING FOR IT! Ha. Ha ha.

Oh… Nice work, Stormy, niiiiiiice werrrrrk.

Stormy Daniels being interviewed for Reviewer TV.

Stormy Daniels being interviewed for Reviewer TV.

Click HERE for the Reviewer TV video interview of Stormy Daniels from about ten years ago.

Why L.A. and Quick Bar Critic: Barkowski on Pico

[Quick Bar Critic]


On Pico near Stewart, in Santa Monica.

by Reviewer Rob

Below is a recent exchange with a “follower”:

her: Where is this? Love!

me: it’s just east of Pico and Stewart in Santa Monica, north Venice Beach.

her: I didn’t realize you’re in LA these days. Does the vibe match the hype in this place?

me: L.A. in general is not what it was 15 years ago. With the record industry failing, musicians have no reason to be here, and even the porn industry has left town due to tighter regulations and market factors. Now the “housing shortage” has more than tripled rents while average wages have barely budged. So acting hopefuls can’t afford to live here, not that they think have any chance of getting good work in Hollywood unless they screw some Harvey Weinstein type dude. No, Los Angeles isn’t the dream factory it once was.

her: I appreciate every ounce of effort, truth, and perspective you put into that explanation. I got an answer I wasn’t even searching for, but am glad to have. I meant… what’s your thoughts on barkowski? I feel odd even asking after that dazzling, brutal review of the city. Sounds like a cyst pool of the elite.

me: lol thanks. It looks like a cool neighborhood boutique dive bar. A faux dive bar, haha. Bukowski woulda hated it, probably.





Contributing To The Cause

Women and Hollywood Forever


Pamela Des Barres, Nicole Byer, Michelle Tea, Siel Ju, Kayden Kross, with Venus and The Moon, and host Trish Nelson

THURSDAY 03.01.2018

Calling to order all women and fierce allies of women!

Commencing on the full moon of every month in the glow of a candlelit room, The Secret of The Sisterhood invites some of the most prolific, iconic and diverse women of our generation to come together in front of our intimate audience, and share personal stories surrounding the topic of the evening.

The theme for March 1st is “I thought I was going to die!”.

Proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood (

by Reviewer Rob

“The Secret of The Sisterhood invites some of the most prolific, iconic and diverse women of our generation to come together in front of our intimate audience, and share personal stories…”

So said the promo email. All I saw was the photo of Kayden Kross. The names at first were irrelevant but afterward I saw Pamela Des Barres and realized I wanted to see if not meet the author and former rock groupie.

It looked like a great show. I wanted to attend and cover the event but hadn’t found out about it until the night before when I got the email from their press agent and impulsively bought a ticket.

I’m still based in San Diego as of this writing but have been groaning to take another roadtrip. Even one as short as up to L.A. for the day. Just anything to get out of this sunny peaceful town. I’ve been thinking about Vegas again, which I was at only five weeks ago for AVN and InterNEXT. Or maybe Portland or Seattle when the weather warms up a bit more. Even Dallas or NOLA. Hell, I’ll drive to D.C. just to visit the National Gallery this summer. I need a roadtrip so badly.

But then an hour before setting out for Hollywood Forever I realized that my mini Reviewervan, the Safari, had yet to be smogged and tagged for 2018, and it was the day before it was due and when the registration fee would go up. I’d been lagging. So I opted to try and get it to pass smog and then registered at a place where I can do both and pay extra for the tag before trying to make it to the show 100 miles to the north in Hollywood. On a good night I can make it in an hour and a half to the Rainbow bar,

I eventually foregoed the ride to stay in town and take care of this detail. My van needed work. I’m so responsible.

No refund I guess on the ticket I bought. I’ll just consider it a small donation to the cause of women in Hollywood’s Secret Underground Society Of Hotties.

Plus there’s that photo of Kayden Kross, omg. Kayden Kross. So obscenely hot. That sly smile, that turned ankle, that blonde hair and perfect skin… ungh.

Kayden Kross, just doing her thing, photo via Hollywood Forever

Kayden Kross, just doing her thing, photo via Hollywood Forever

review: Club Decades

[You Can Dance]

Stripclub Goth

by Reviewer Rob

This location has history which for San Diego as a navy town that was developed after the big war is rare. A Portuguese immigrant war vet prize boxer, the late Horatio Vella, built it as a touring band venue dance/night spot (not a strip club) called The Green Onion in the mid 1960’s and later sold it to the Dirty Dan’s strip club chain in the 1980’s when it was time for him to retire and amazingly it’s still operating. Bryan Pollard, a local promoter, is doing another club night in the back room there now (which in the 1970’s was where the pool tables were) for the college students and goth denizens every Thursday night. It’s called Decades for the 1980’s and 90’s era of music it has. Also he does a fetish/bdsm-themed industrial music night that’s thrown on, I think, the second Friday each month. You can call the club for more details. Back to the review. It was dismally slow last night. In the goth club one couple danced to the dj. After paying the doorman $5 and entering I greeted Bryan who was on the couch in the back of the club and got an update on his health woes. I then passed through the glass doors into the strip club for a drink and maybe less than half a dozen dancers we’re working the crowd of as many patrons. One dark haired dancer was on stage doing something and no one was at the rail.

Fine, no big deal. I sat at the west end of the curved bar and a pretty big-boobed dancer and wide hips who said her name was Natasha immediately came over and sat next to me, telling me it was her first night working there. I tried telling her right away that I just got there and wanted to chill but she said the same. I liked her looks okay. I’ll credit her with being very sweet, not pushy, not asking for money, talking for a while, listening to me, and not ever taking me to on my offer go buy her a drink. Plus her face was 9 or a 10, long blonde hair with serious nice big boobs. Large butt though, but hey. Afterward I talked to the Bryan promoter in back sitting alone in his goth club and heard his story for a while before leaving. I’ve seen him around this town forever, as he’s one of only two industrial club promoters in San Diego. I’ll see if this club’s better on the bdsm night later this month. Hopefully it and the strip club will have more action happening.

One can hope.

Club Decades flyer, Sn Diego, CA.

Club Decades flyer, Sn Diego, CA.

why censorship is wrong


The Heroic Rodeo Clown

Media Intimidating Tactics
or, why censorship is wrong

by Bob Yunger

Fomenting Public Outcry

Japanese Suicide Apology video comments:

So, some Youtube video blogger guy named Logan Paul posted a Japanese suicide forest video and says he didn’t do it “for the views”. Haha. Sure.

But then he apologised amid public pressure to have Youtube take down his channel and, after caving to the grief of his deed, committed suicide himself.

Okay, he didn’t do that but he did pretty much do the journalistic equivalent of it.

I’ve seen the video and posted the Liveleak archive below and he didn’t do anything he should apologise for, except maybe let out a few self-conscious nervous snickers at the bizarre irony of it all. Hey, he and his friends were alive and the poor bastard on the tree wasn’t. If that’s not a time to reflect on the fantastic irony and the highs and lows of life with a chuckle especially when that’s your NATURAL TENDENCY then fine. You be you.

I started writing this post over a month ago at the beginning of January and then left it but here it is now that I’ll release it to the public:

If people were known to go to a remote place to commit suicide by strapping on an explosive vest and then dousing themselves with gasoline and lighting themselves on fire so they immolate in a fiery explosion — some poor soul’s chosen demise in a gore-ridden expanding ball of flame, body parts flying everywhere — wouldn’t you want to see that, at least ONE time? Of course you would. Because you’re a freak. Everyone’s a freak, pretty much. If you’re not, then fine. But most humans are natural edge pushers. We live to explore the boundaries of life and the world around us. That’s part of life. If it isn’t for you then go find a fucking cave to live in because you may lack that specific gene variation that has led the human race down the path of something called progress.

Okay, sorry if things got a little dark there. I’m back now. God bless America and the First Amendment. That’s all.

Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.

Logan Paul, probably stifling a laugh, in the suicide forest.

New Year Weed Laws & California Cannabis News


2018 New Year Recreational Cannabis Guide


What’s the difference between cannabis, marijuana, flower and weed?

Nothing! These words are interchangeable, but cannabis is the scientific term. Marijuana, flower, and weed are all used in a variety of conversational situations to refer to cannabis.

Where can I smoke?

Marijuana must be consumed in a private place. Smoking, eating or otherwise using marijuana in public is still illegal.

Is marijuana lab tested?

Testing will be required starting Jan 1, 2018 for any cannabis harvested on/after Jan. 1 or any cannabis product manufactured on/after Jan 1.

I don’t want to get high, but want to use cannabis medicinally, what should I look for?

CBD is a popular option for those looking to get the medical benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD products are available in most cannabis product types, from vape cartridges to topicals.

I don’t want to inhale smoke, but want to enjoy a cannabis high, what should I try?

Vape pens, edibles, drinks and tinctures are a great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without smoking.

Can I walk into a dispensary on Jan. 1, 2018 and buy marijuana?

Yes, if you’re 21 or 18 you can access cannabis recreationally or medically, respectively. Keep in mind, however, that while marijuana is legal for adults in the state of California, local counties and municipalities also have their own set of rules that regulate how retail businesses operate.

Can I still get Medical Cannabis?

Yes, if you’re over the age of 18 physicians may still recommend medical cannabis. Depending upon the condition, people under 18 can obtain a recommendation with their parent or guardian’s permission. California medical patients will need to obtain an ID card issued by the Department of Health.

[The above copy is from
, 1-4-18. ~Editor]

2028: recreational cannabis is here in California.

2028: recreational cannabis is here in California.

Reviewer Magazine will still be here in 2018

[Print Lives On]

Happy New Year

We survived, but 2017 sure sucked didn’t it.

by Reviewer Rob

I should probably address this first — happy new year, by the way — before I get into any explanations. I recognize that especially after 2016, 2017 was a tumultuous year for many people, MOST people, probably. Stories in the news, and I won’t get into the list of them, floored everyone. Things happening in Washington D.C. that filtered down into the cultural ethos have been enough to make the most optimistic among us consider moving into a cabin in the woods.

In 2017 I wrote a blog post announcing the demise of Reviewer’s print version. That was impulsive and unwise. At the time it seemed like maybe an appropriate time for a big change like that. I had and have other ideas for print I could implement (it’s all about, you can guess it, the money) and I was planning to relocate to a different city (San Diego’s gotten really expensive to rent in if you haven’t noticed), perhaps move to a different region altogether. I was looking for a fresh start. But now I know after thoughtful reflection that I can’t abandon Reviewer Magazine like that. I have too much investment in the idea of The First Amendment to let these recent social shifts unmoor Reviewer as a print venue, even ones as cataclysmic as what have happened in the last year or even ten years.

So let me put that to rest right now. I’ve changed my mind. I can’t abandon this baby. Reviewer Magazine is NOT dead as a printed publication. It’s just taking a vacation.

When I announced it would cease printing but stay online as a blog I was juggling many conflicting plans and intentions and the magazine had been going consistently for 20 years and had printed 50 issues, and those seemed like nice round numbers at which to stop and make a change of direction. I had started the “review” format back in the mid-1990’s before sites that crowd-sourced reviews of everything from music and movies to your local plumber became common and the concept appeared revolutionary in its simplicity. I wanted to print a newer type of magazine after publishing 50 issues, delve into other types of print publishing. But I can still do that. I just don’t want to drop off Reviewer Magazine at the orphanage.

When I started Reviewer in 1996 it was on a small light board in my second floor one-room Pacific Beach studio apartment where I would layout the Bristol paper pages with scotch tape and shrunken typewriter copy I’d xerox late at night at the Garnet Avenue Kinko’s. It was in black and white and I didn’t know that photos had to be half-toned. The printer had to inform me of things like that. Issue one was printed at 10,000 copies and was as much of a thrill as I could imagine. Contributing to the community Zeitgeist via print is a feeling of fulfillment that comes from knowing you’re doing what you’re meant to do.

Everything journalism-related is a review anyway, be it feature, news, or opinion. “This is what we know now, this is what we don’t know yet” — it’s a structure that meshes well with the ‘who-what-where-when-why-and-how’ upside-down pyramid of the basic news story.

But although digital print production has grown considerably easier than cut-and-paste layout, the computer revolution changed the newspaper and magazine advertising economy in ways that many saw coming but few were willing to accept in the early days of the late-twentieth century. Oh, there’s still a market for print. It’s just a downsized shadow of its former self. If you can accept that and move ahead of it then you can still do the job and be happy. I choose to be happy.

So getting back to the point: Look for another print issue from Reviewer Magazine relatively soon in 2018. When exactly I’m not sure. But if you’d like a deal on an ad let me know. 🙂


Another year has gone and a new one has arrived. But it's hard to find anyone who is sad to see the sun set on 2017.

Another year has gone and a new one has arrived. But it’s hard to find anyone who is sad to see the sun set on 2017.